Little Johnny’s report card:  Math: A,  Science: A,  Reading: C,  Writing: B

Which of these subjects do you place the greatest emphasis?  Studies show that parents with a pulse will emphasis the need to improve Johnny’s writing skills.

Is this right?

With additional encouragement and opportunity in math/science, Johnny might be the one to cure cancer, develop cold fusion, or identify the universe’s unified force?  Perhaps improving his ability to read “The Case of the Jane’s Missing Bicycle” is not the best use of his time.

Do we do this to ourselves as well?  What about in your organization?

Are you starving your strengths to feed your weaknesses?

You have “change the world” talents within you that may remain untapped unless you spend your energies developing them.  Perfection is unattainable – it’s okay to have weaknesses.

What choice do you make?  What choice do you see your organization make?