Speaking Topics


The philosophies and programs of cultural and operational transformational are necessary and useful. However, there is often a large gap between the conference room in which programs are devised and the front-line where they are executed. Matt DiGeronimo will share his story about fundamentally transforming the cultural, operational, and financial underpinnings of a failing power plant in less than one years’ time utilizing the principles outlined in his book “Extreme OperationalExcellence.” This story will highlight the challenges of modifying the thought-processes and operational models that had been ingrained for decades in the minds of front-line supervisors despite the knowledge of the likelihood of a plant shutdown due to its failing financial performance.


Everyone seems to have an opinion about the Millennial Generation – positive, negative, or otherwise. Regardless of your opinion, it is difficult to deny that there is a blossoming generation in our industries who grew up in a different environment than the preceding generations. These differences invariably lead to a generation with different perspectives, priorities, and practices.

As leaders driving operational excellence within our organizations, it is imperative to understand, embrace, and leverage these differences to maximize our performance. Matt reflects on his experience working with millennials in the military and the energy industry and presents ideas and suggestions for leading this generation. This insightful and inspiring focuses on:

  • Establishing a mission, a vision, and a purpose for this generation
  • Maximizing organizational transparency and accessibility
  • Creating an organizational humility that not only listens to its youngest members but wants to listen
  • Figuratively flatten the organizational chart by ensuring senior leaders remain engaged with this generation