The following statements are true:

– You are blessed with the immeasurably awesome gift of life

– You have a finite number of days remaining before losing this gift.

Which statement motivates you more – in a Carpe Diem sort of way?

Intellectually, I know that gift of life is the miracle to celebrate.  Gratitude is healthier than fear.  But emotionally, the thought of losing life motivates me more to “seize the day.”

Is this a problem, or wrong?  I don’t know, but it does highlight that losing hurts more than winning.  Loss is more painful than a equally sized gain is pleasurable.

Is an antiquated hold-over from our caveman days the predominate criteria in our 21st century lives?

More than once, you spotted a golden ring perched on a scrawny limb.  The fear of falling scared you and left the golden ring for someone else to snatch.  Literally this might be wise, but figuratively it may have planted a seed of regret.

How often has hindsight revealed that you irrationally gave your fears way more power than they deserved? Think – Asking out (or even talking to) your crush in junior high; didn’t we all exaggerate how scary this was?

Do you have a similarly irrational fear today that your future self will reflect similarly on?

What is the golden ring on a scrawny limb in your life?  The guy/girl across the dance floor?

“I have live through some horrific events in my life, and some of them actually happened.”   – Mark Twain