Enjoy the following two non-fictional accounts of frogs:

Story 1:  Four frogs were happily hopping down a dusty dirt road on their way to the neighborhood playground.  One of the frogs was feeling particularly boisterous and attempted to leap over an abandoned tire in the middle of the road.  Unfortunately, his leap fell short and he fell into the middle of the tire. He was trapped.  He could not leap his way out of the tire and exhausted himself to tears trying.  His friend tried to pull him out, but they just couldn’t make it work. He was hopelessly and embarrassingly stuck in the middle of a tire in the middle of a dusty dirty road.

One of the frogs said, “We are going to playground to play.  On our way home, we will bring sticks and twigs.  We will throw them into you and you can build a platform that you can leap from.  We will get you out, just wait until later.”

Despite growing feelings of despair (and betrayal), the frog accepted his fate, found a comfortable spot, and laid down to rest while he waited for help.

The other three frogs made their way to the playground and were doing whatever it is frogs do at playgrounds.  Several hours later, much to their surprise, their friend that was stuck in the tire shows up.

“Wow.  What happened?  How did you get out?” exclaimed his friend.

Nonchalantly, the frog explains, “A truck was headed right at me, I had to jump out.”

Story #2:

A village of frogs lived in a plot of land surrounded by walls.  No frog could leap over the wall.   The frogs lived comfortable but boring lives.  Each generation explained to its children that their ancestors lived inside these walls and so would their children.  The wall was insurmountably high.  No frog had even approached the top of the wall and no frog ever would.

One day, a curious and recently full grown frog approached the wall.  His peers laughed as the frog attempted to leap over the wall.  The village had grown accustomed to chuckling about his strange ways that they assumed was a mild form of Asperger’s Syndrome.

On his third attempt and to the shock and awe of his peers, the frog leaped over the wall.  He was gone.  Not one frog had fully processed what they just witnessed, before the frog jumped back over the wall and into the village!  Adding to the village’s amazement, the “super frog” showed no signs that he recognized the magnitude of his accomplishment.

The village doctors and scientists descended upon him with a battery of physical tests.  They scrambled to identify the source of his super-frog leaping ability.  Was Superfrog more than a comic book character?  After all their tests were complete, the befuddled doctors announced that the frog was ordinary in all regards and possessed no superfrog strength.  In fact, the only abnormality they identified was that he was deaf.

Note:  The author does not take credit for creating these stories, he is sure he must have heard them somewhere as he rarely thinks about frogs.