Climbing out of a rut is most difficult when you are in a rut.  Redundant?  Not so fast.

We soak up and spew motivational quotes, optimism, and philosophies of action when we are relishing in the serene and comfortable passages of life’s journey.  We boast of our courage and resilience when they are needed least. When we are crawling the muck of life’s tar pits, the last thing we want to hear is any of that crap.

We’re not interested in going the gym because “it’s you against you”, reading motivational books pronouncing that “action precedes motivation”, or viewing the Facebook meme that reminds us that “our biggest enemy is the person in the mirror.”

Screw that.  Take your crazy somewhere else.

The irony of this reaction is so palpable, its prickly stem draws blood.

The motivational guidance that spews from the mouths of the motivated resonates most with the motivated.

What does advice from someone who is crawling through the muck with you worth?

Is it more “real”?  Dejecting?  Helpful?  Self-indulgent?  I don’t know.

What I do know is that I’m pursuing the strength to “embrace the suck” when the “suck” shacks up in the guest room without invitation.

Maybe our inner selves have weather patterns that are beyond our control.  You can’t will away a thunderstorm, but you can wait it out.

“This too shall pass”

“When you find yourself in hell keeping going”

This lame advice is the basement during a hurricane.  Taking shelter in a hurricane is reasonable, not cowardly.  Fighting a hurricane is foolish not courageous.

Depression hurts and there is no cure.  Embrace that.  Maybe there’s a glimmer of solace that without thunderstorm, the rays of the sun would be unremarkable and absent of beauty.