Read a book and you consume the thoughts created by its author.

Listen to music and you consume the art created by the musicians.

The distinction between “consuming” and “creating” is not complex or revolutionary, but it is a critical element in evaluating our lives and our relationships.

Consider the groups to which you belong – family, company, organization, church . . .

The “products” that are created and consumed in these groups may be less obvious, but they are far more integral to our humanity.  These products slice right to the core of our lives and our legacies.

Consider:  Ideas, memories, support, leadership, solutions, humor, respect, compassion

Do you create or consume these products?

We are all creators and consumers to varying degrees.  However, is your creator/consumer ratio deliberate or reactionary?  Without honest assessment and reflection, we will confuse “busy with “creation.”   The immense difference between these two impostors manifests itself in who we are and who we are becoming.

Create and you shape the future. Consume and you experience the future created for you.